You don’t have to settle for side effects. Deep TMS can help.

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Deep TMS uses a coil to create magnetic waves that stimulate the limbic system in the brain. The coil is specially designed to treat depression more safely and effectively than other treatments.

The science

Deep TMS works for:

A lot of people. Every person experiences depression, anxiety, or other brain disorders in different ways. So, why are antidepressants and other drugs prescribed as a cure-all for every, individual situation? Research shows that antidepressants don’t work for over 30% of people who take them. Deep TMS is a better alternative.

I had so much more energy. I had the motivation to do things – hobbies of mine that I haven’t done forever. It has seriously changed everything. Now, it’s really hard to explain how depressed I was because I can’t even think of it. It’s blown past my mind.

Clarissa, 24, California

I didn’t have any fear about the treatment but I was highly skeptical. I didn’t really believe that something that seemed so simple and non-invasive could really work.

It took me until the third week to really understand and accept that the depression was lifting.

And that – deep TMS – was the most transformative thing that’s happened to me in my lifetime. I was getting my mail on a regular basis. I was able to go to a coffee shop and read there and actually talk to people. I began to laugh. It’s been life changing.

Barbara, 61, Georgia

While getting the deep TMS treatments, I didn’t feel any side effects. Calming for 20 minutes of treatment and it felt good. People have recognized changes in me through the deep TMS treatment. Especially my wife, she’s happy with what’s going on. I enjoyed life for a change – the sunshine. My wife’s smile. I could relate to different things. I would recommend deep TMS treatment to anybody suffering from depression. I think it gives your life back.

Joe, Pennsylvania

We would try medication for a little and it would help for a little and then I would have side effects that would be as bad and require medication to counter those and then my doctor suggested: “perhaps you’d like to try deep TMS.” After a couple weeks, I had to fill out a paper on how I was doing and I noticed that instead of having things that were not well being almost all the time – it started to move. That told me that I’ve really experienced something dramatic. It changed my whole life.

Michelle, 31, Massachusetts

Some people get depression to the point where they can’t get out of bed. For me, it was like walking through life but there’s no color and all that’s playing in the background is funeral music with the saddest songs you can think of. I’ve been on probably every antidepressant that’s been out there. All helped to some extent but never got me to what I’d consider to be normal. My doctor called and said the insurance company would cover deep TMS. After the first couple treatments, I felt a subtle change. I feel different – my cognitive abilities. I go to work. I drive. I read books.

Deep TMS, I think, will help. It’s going to have a huge impact on people’s lives.

Shawn, 48, California
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We will work with you

It is Prime’s goal to make Deep TMS treatment more accessible to people suffering from depression and other brain disorders. We don’t think anyone should have to continuously suffer from depression or the significant side effects of antidepressants. For that reason, we accept many insurances and offer plans if you are not covered.

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Prime TMS is now open and accepting new clients for consultations!

Prime TMS in Lawrence is currently enrolling with various insurance companies to expand community access to our deep TMS depression treatment. If you have questions, are interested in treatment, or would like to schedule a TMS consultation, give us a call at (785) 371-4921 or send us an email at hello@primetms.com.