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We give more people access to better depression treatment.

We use the best technology – the gold standard of TMS.

Prime believes in people having control over their lives. It is our goal to make deep TMS available to as many people suffering from depression and other brain disorders as possible. We don’t think anyone should have to continuously suffer from depression or the significant side effects of antidepressants.

To do this, we use the best technology on the market – Brainsway’s deep TMS. It is 70% effective, and more safe and targeted than other TMS variations.

Prime understands treating depression and other brain disorders is best done with a holistic approach – meaning we want to think about several factors that can aid in a successful treatment. Prime is in a unique position to help patients make small, healthy changes that benefit their deep TMS treatment. Because we see patients for small sessions over a number of weeks, we can help patients implement healthy habits to carry with them after treatment. The 20-minute sessions can become restful, meditative, creative and thoughtful.

And provide the most healthy personal experience.

To help people gain control of their lives.


Our Team:

Garrett Hages
President, Executive Director

Garrett is Prime TMS’ office administrator and lead neuromodulation technician. He graduated from the University of Kansas in 2016 with a degree in Biology and an emphasis in Neurobiology. Shortly thereafter Garrett started working with deep TMS technology as a certified technician.

He quickly realized firsthand the immediate benefits of deep TMS in treating depression, as well as its potential for other mental health and brain disorders. In early 2018, he and Dr. Porter opened Prime TMS with the mission of expanding access to deep TMS treatment.

Taylor (Ty) Porter MD is Prime TMS’ first Board-certified Psychiatrist, joining in early 2018.  He graduated from the University of Kansas Medical School and completed his internship and residency in Psychiatry at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia.  In 2007, he retired from the Navy as a Captain.  In 2014, he received the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Kansas Provider of the Year Award.

Prior positions include Director of Inpatient Psychiatry at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Direct of Inpatient Psychiatry at Jacksonville Naval Hospital, Director of Psychiatry at The Menninger Clinic, Medical Director at Stormont Vail West in Topeka, and Medical Director at Valeo Behavioral Healthcare in Topeka.  He has served as the principle investigator in dozens of clinical trials and received advanced training in a wide variety of psychotherapeutic and medical treatments, including deep TMS.  It is this motivation to learn the best methods for treating his patients that made Dr. Porter and Prime TMS a perfect fit.

Dr. Taylor Porter MD
Medical Director

Jaci Corbin
dTMS Technician
Administrative Assistant

Jaci grew up in Towanda, Kansas – a small town outside of Wichita. She came to Lawrence to pursue a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Kansas. Along with the independent research work she has done, she is also on two different research teams at KU. Her love for research and interest in neuroscience innovation is what led her to Prime TMS. She holds two main positions in the office, TMS Technician and Executive Assistant. Her favorite part of working at Prime TMS is being able to interact with clients and witness their progress firsthand.

Torri moved to Lawrence from Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the University of Kansas and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience before working towards a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology). She is an aspiring clinical psychologist and is passionate about the future of mental healthcare. Torri holds a variety of positions such as Director of Volunteer Programs, Executive Assistant I, and Scribe for Dr. Porter. Torri spent one-and-a-half years working a private Psychiatric group practice in Lawrence, which is where she was first recruited by Garrett and exposed to the deep TMS technology. She now has almost two years of working with and researching existing literature for dTMS.

Torri Leighty
Director of Volunteer Programs
Administrative Assistant

Our Values:

In 2018, Prime opened in Lawrence, Kansas. We offer services to Lawrence and the surrounding areas.

  • Honesty: Be honest and transparent in all actions. Honesty ensures trust and aids in our goal of communicating with and educating more people about their health options.

  • Empathy: Show empathy to every person and their individual situation. We want to ensure patients from all populations can access deep TMS.

  • Empower: Empower people with knowledge and access.
  • Initiative: Do not be complacent. Be proactive and insightful.