Brainsway Ltd. is the company that designed the patented H-coil for deep brain stimulation. They are the gold standard of TMS technology.

Brainsway supplies the deep TMS machines to Prime TMS for administration of depression treatment. In fact, they are the company that trains and certifies our facility prior to opening.

TMS is a good option for many people, but not everybody. Most insurances cover deep TMS therapy. You like qualify for insurance coverage if:

  • Have a current diagnosis (within last 6 months) of Major Depressive Disorder, Moderate or Severe
  • No metal implants in head or neck (metal dental fillings are okay)
  • No history of epilepsy
  • No recent or active alcohol/drug abuse
  • Have already tried at least four medications for depression
  • Referred to Prime TMS for deep TMS treatments by a psychiatrist or other healthcare provider.

Yes, you can opt to pay out-of-pocket to receive deep TMS therapy at any time. While the total cost of receiving 36 treatments can be high, it is Prime’s mission to expand access to deep TMS treatment. If you would like to receive TMS, we would like to try and help.

Expanding accessibility to this treatment means expanding affordability. Prime TMS offers 25%, 50%, and even 75% discounts based on Federal Poverty Guidelines. In addition, Prime has established payment plans and financing options for qualified patients to make self-pay plans affordable and hassle-free.

  • More effective, FDA-approved depression treatment
  • Non-pharmacologic (no drugs, medication)
  • 20-30 minute individual, outpatient treatment sessions (other forms of TMS take 45-90 minutes per session)
  • Stimulates deep brain structures unlike earlier forms of TMS, such as rTMS
  • Return to daily activities
  • Additional advantages when compared to ECT (see below)

The most common side effects are slight risk of fatigue or headache following initial treatments (first week).

There is a very rare (<0.2%) chance of seizure during the session, but this can be mitigated by avoiding excessive alcohol intake the night before a treatment. Deep TMS has no long-term, adverse side effects.

ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) uses electrically induced seizures. Patients have to be put under general anesthesia and the treatment comes with significant side effects such as memory loss.

Deep TMS is much safer and more effective. Deep TMS uses magnetic pulses to stimulate targeted areas of the brain. Deep TMS does not require anesthesia. Deep TMS also does not require much downtime or have significant side effects.

Patients can usually remain on their current depression medications. Deep TMS can be used as a replacement or supplement to antidepressants. Because deep TMS has less side effects, some patients want to taper off of antidepressants during deep TMS. A decision can be made about treatment regimen with your doctor or Prime TMS.

If you are referred to Prime TMS by a psychiatrist or other mental health provider, you will continue your relationship with the referring practitioner during deep TMS Therapy. Decisions regarding concurrent medication management and treatment are made with your referring provider, as well as continued follow-up care.

You can contact us via email at hello@primetms.com or by phone at (785) 371-4921. If you are a good candidate for deep TMS, we will make a consultation appointment for you as soon as possible to make sure you can get effective treatment quickly.

You may also print off a Referral Form (see link at the bottom of this page) to take to your psychiatric healthcare provider to discuss if deep TMS is a good option of you. Have them fax it over to our office and we will follow up with you to schedule your consultation!