Better Depression Treatment

Learn how deep TMS helped people when no other treatment did.

How does Prime TMS compare to other mental health facilities?

Oh gosh, they’re so different! You’re very professional, you return calls, always on time. During the work, you’re always there. I never felt alone. That was very positive!
– Marjorie, age 71

Our client, Nick, age 32, completed a PHQ-9 the day of his consultation visit, and again following his final deep TMS treatment. He scored a 22 on his pre-treatment PHQ-9 and an 11 following his treatment. Over the course of treatment, his depression level decreased from severe to moderate. However, Nick took another depression questionnaire 30 days after his last treatment and scored a 6 (very mild depression).

When did you first notice changes?
What were they?

I remember this time period, I don’t know what week it was, maybe week four. I could tell it was starting to make a difference in my minds processing of different things. It took awhile for me to recognize these changes. One test I do to determine how good or bad I’m feeling is to monitor my stream of thoughts and see if they are more negative or positive. I started to notice my stream of thoughts was slower and there were much less negative things.
– Roger, age 52

The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) is the medical industry’s most reliable self-reported survey measuring severity of diagnosed major depressive disorder.
The survey asks its participants to think back on how they’ve been feeling the two previous weeks. Results range from “None” for no depression up to “Severe” for severe depression.

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